Peak and Valley

Adaptogenic Nurture My Skin Blend


BIPOC Owned Female Founded Clean Ingredients Made in the US

Made in Seattle, Washington. 

Peak and Valley makes plant-based wellness essentials to enhance your beauty, mood, and mind. Powered by adaptogens and mushrooms. They are a small team from Seattle, WA that started in 2018 with the mission of bringing inclusive, fun, and honest products to the world of wellness. Keeping in line with that mission, their ingredients are always organic or wildcrafted, vegan, and ethically sourced.

Nurture My Skin offers a single daily dose of herbs that target hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, and skin elasticity. From a potently anti-inflammatory turmeric, to vitamin C packed rosehips, we've simplified the way to luminous and clear skin.


Rose Hips: Protects against hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, as well as improves skin moisture and elasticity. 

Astragalus: Soothes allergic and inflamed skin while protecting against photo aging associated with UV damage.

Turmeric: Potently anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help with acne and sun damage. 

Cordyceps: Decreases fatigue, increases physical endurance, and protects skin against UV damage.

Peppery, earthy taste that pairs well with smoothies, citrus juices, and milks. Use 1 tsp per serving.