Awake Extra Virgin Olive Oil


BIPOC Owned Female Founded Ethically Produced Clean Ingredients Sustainable

100% Olive Oil from Brightland.

AWAKE: Made with early-harvest of Coratina olives by a master miller onsite in a certified organic mill.

Tasting notes: herbaceous, green, grassy, artichoke, complex.

Harvest Date: November 2020

Ideal for: soups and stews, hearty pastas, warm bread, roast chicken, roasted veggies, and fried eggs.

Size: 375 ML/12.7 oz

Health Benefits

Olive oil is energizing, brain powering, nervous system supporting, beautifying, and immunity building. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great way to deliver fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients while cleansing us of fat-soluble toxins.

Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects.

Promote glowing skin, eyes and hair, stimulating cellular restoration, preservation and longevity.