Electric Sun Creatives

Blue Patina Light Catcher


Female Founded Made in the US Gives Back

Handmade in Northern California by Sarah Perez.

One-of-a-kind blue-patinated brass light catcher. The patina process is unpredictable, creating beautiful variation of color. The pieces are coated with a sealant, for longevity of finish. Only intended for indoor use.

dimensions: about 3 1/2” x 24” width by height (full length of the piece with the chain + loop it hangs from)

suspend this from the ceiling (with a ceiling hook) near a window or hang from your curtain rod right in the window, to experience the light magic of this piece.

also note: all of these pieces show the signs that a human created them. They weren’t finished by machines, but by human hands. Imperfections and some of the natural beauty of brass is embraced.