GUR Rug - Art by McCraken


  • GUR Rug - Art by McCraken
  • GUR Rug - Art by McCraken

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Handmade in Portugal by GUR.

Working in partnership with artisan weavers, GUR invites artists to express themselves with a very specific technique using the same materials with the authenticity of a traditional kitchen rug but much more fun.

McCracken was an American painter and sculptor oriented towards light and color in a minimalist way. His greatest concern was about visual experience as a spiritual and cognitive process. McCracken insisted that his art continue to deal with the basic correlation between beauty and spirituality. Presented as perfectly finished objects, his characteristic works are monochromatic, with extremely polished surfaces that seem at the same time to deny their own objectivity, almost becoming abstract visual ideas.

GUR rugs look as amazing hung on a wall as they do under your feet.

All GUR rugs are handmade, held in a traditional handloom, with raw tirela (rag), embossed technique or over layers of colors, finished with basic sewing.

GUR focuses on tradition, allowing the expansion of artistic forms using traditional materials and techniques of the history and culture of Portugal. 

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 52" by 39.5"

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