Honey Rose Quartz Roller


  • Honey Rose Quartz Roller
  • Honey Rose Quartz Roller

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Designed in California by Honey & Be.

Rose quartz stone enhances self love and confidence. Reveal radiant skin that always makes you feel your best inside and out. 

This Honey Rose Quartz Roller features a smaller stone and provides a more gentle facial massage, perfect for a delicate skincare routine. Rose quartz is believed to support a deeper connection with oneself and helps to attract and receive love. It connects the mind and body for the ultimate intentional skin care routine. The Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller is an invitation to self care and its energy is a reminder for self love and confidence.


TIGHTEN + TONE. Tighten and tone to eliminate fine lines in the skin where wrinkles tend to set.

REDUCE PUFFINESS. The ultimate puffiness treatment- use over dark circles/ puffy eyes to brighten & de-puff!

PROMOTE LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. Facial massage supports lymphatic drainage under the skin’s delicate tissues, which releases toxins from underneath the skin.

RELIEVE TENSION. Massaging over areas that feel tense like the jaw or temples helps to relieve tension and reduce headaches and pressure.

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