Loved - A Compassionate Blend


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Made by Joey Rea in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cultivate self and universal love with Loved, a blend of pure essential oils diluted in organic jojoba oil. This blend is designed to bring love for the self and for all beings. Roll into temples, behind the ears, or any pressure points on the body and enjoy the sweet, floral notes as love begins to show up all around you.

The Essentials
Bergamot: Uplifting, allows love to radiate
Lavender: Promotes peace, channels greater aspects of Self into reality, allows feeling of security
Geranium: Enhances self-acceptance, soothes heart-ache, validates and nurtures the Self
Ylang Ylang: Integrates emotions, promotes a shift in perspective
Sandalwood: Helps with feelings of insecurity, opens the heart, awakens intuition
Rose Absolute: Releases old patterns, exposes inner beauty

Stone Infusion
Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of unconditional love, it calms the emotions, dispels negativity, and promotes overall peace. 

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