Sonoran Rosie

Monsoon Creosote Diffuser Scent


BIPOC Owned Female Founded Ethically Produced Clean Ingredients Made in the US Arizona Local Sustainable

Handmade in Tucson, Arizona

Let your whole room smell like the desert rain! Add a few shakes of this Creosote Diffuser Scent to the water in your oil diffuser machine and in a few minutes your whole room will smell like a desert monsoon! Add more or less for varied strengths.

Extracted from the chaparral plant from the Sonoran Desert.

Creosote bush (chaparral) has a strong scent that desert dwellers love because it reminds them of the desert when it rains. It has a woody, resinous, fresh, ancient scent. Desert aromatherapy brings a calming, grounding feeling.

* not an essential oil. made from chaparral hydrosol & absolutes so it is water based. Still very potent but not recommended for anything other than a water based electric diffuser machine.

* cruelty-free
* sustainably made
* vegan
* handmade small batch
* herbal all natural
* plant based
* gender neutral
* wildcrafted