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Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection


Moon Lists is a guided journal structured around the phases of the moon. It provides a place to note feelings of gratitude and moments of mindfulness while celebrating the turn of the seasons.

Loosely organized around the phases of the moon and punctuated with references to '70s astrology, architecture, and art, Moon Lists encourages journalers to stop and reflect on the precious moments in their lives before time passes them by. A set of evolving monthly writing prompts and suggestions for physical activities can be completed individually or with a partner, and will offer readers some perspective on the present and their recent past.

Inspired aesthetically by 1960s/70s instruction and DIY manuals, it includes:

- 18 months of original prompts (it’s a workbook — lots of places to write; use it to jot down notes, observations, and moments that stand out).

- Ideas to consider, themes to notice.

- A place to transcribe what constitutes the “you of now.”

- Examples, art exercises, and a mix of new and archival imagery