Catherine Rising

Selenite + Palo Santo Bundle


Female Founded Ethically Produced Made in the US
Handmade in Hodgkins, Illinois.

A selenite wand, sprig of yarrow, bleached eucalyptus , lavender, and two palo santo sticks bundled up in vintage ribbon.

Each bundle is one of a kind. Size and color varies.


Palo Santo (meaning "holy wood") is a tree that is native to Ecuador, Peru and parts of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Palo Santo has a spiritual history dating back to the Incan era and has been used in healing and spiritual ceremonies for centuries by Indigenous Latin American cultures.

When burned, Palo Santo releases an invigorating yet grounding scent with notes of citrus, pine and mint. For hundreds of years, Shamans and healers have burned the wood during rituals to cleanse negative energy, dispel evil spirits and purify the air. Palo Santo is also known to soothe cold & flu symptoms, depression, emotional pain, headaches and other ailments. We love burning it in our shop for a sense of calm.