Happy Organics

Raw California Honey - Sage Wildflower


Sustainably sourced on Happy Organics' family farm in Merced, California.

6 fl oz of raw, sustainable honey.

Sage Wildflower:

The hives forage on multiple types of flowers: citrus trees, lavender, rosemary, dandelion, borage, sunflower, and many other flowers.


Happy Organics does not heat, process or filter their honey. The beneficial enzymes are still present in the honey maintaining its medicinal benefits. Raw Honey naturally contains floral essence, pollen, propolis, and wax making it a superfood.


Happy Organics only harvests honey when it is necessary and beneficial to the hives. If there is excess honey they are able to remove a honey frame or two from the hives.

**This honey is not certified organic. There are a few reasons for this. The main one is that bees can forage up to 3-5 miles from their hives. There is no way to control where bees source nectar and pollen.