Rooted - A Grounding Blend


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Made by Joey Rea in Phoenix, Arizona.

Feel your roots reaching into the earth with Rooted, a grounding blend that not only centers the mind, but stimulates and empowers the Self to be ready to hit the ground running. Roll into temples, behind the ears, or any pressure points on the body and prepare to take hold of your own power.

The Essentials
Sweet Basil: Energizing; diminishes doubt & low self-esteem; stimulant
Juniper: For feeling stuck; clears negative energy; reduces low energy, fear and worry
Black Pepper: Empowering; motivating; removes emotional blockages & indecision
Patchouli: Balancing to a nervous mind; strongly grounding
Vetiver: Grounding & centering, nourishing, calming

Stone Infusion
Black TourmalineA stone of protection and strong grounding that removes fear and boosts self-confidence.

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