Sacred Smudge Stick


  • Sacred Smudge Stick
  • Sacred Smudge Stick

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 Each smudge stick is beautifully unique and handmade in Miami, FL.  

About Smudge Sticks:

The Sacred Smudging Ritual & ceremonial practice has been used by different Native cultures around the world for decades. By using sacred plants from Mother Earth, smudging purifies the body, energy, and space of negative energies to awaken the soul and bring fresh spirit. 

The Herbs:

Made of dry herbs of White Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender, & Roses.

White Sage - The ultimate healer - purifies the body, aura, energy, & space to awaken the soul, cleanse negative energies, & bring fresh spirit. 

Sweetgrass - The essence of the feminine, the "Sacred Hair of Mother Earth" she brings in positivity after the negativity has been released, holding an energy of blessing in your space. Representing love, kindness, & honesty.

Lavender - Cleanses & creates a peaceful & harmonious atmosphere, calms the mind, and brings happiness.

Rose - Increases courage, attracts & enhances love.

Measures 5-6" long.

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