Wax Buffalo - Autumn Candle


  • Wax Buffalo - Autumn Candle
  • Wax Buffalo - Autumn Candle

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Hand poured in Lincoln, Nebraska by Wax Buffalo.

Late fall nights under the stars, surrounded by friends, laughter, whiskey and fire. There is a distinct smell of that happy place and this candle embraces all the scents that make that magical aroma happen. Fall leaves, big sweaters, hot cinnamon tea, swirly vanilla, tons of flannel.

Just a few tips: 

Soy wax has a memory. It will only remember the burn radius of it's last burn.  Always allow your wax pool to reach the edge of your vessel. We recommend burning your candle for at least one hour (no more than 4 hours) to give your candle a long happy journey. 

It's best to keep your candle wick trimmed to a 1/4 inch before each burn. 

9 oz.

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