A *Not So* Blue March

Hello all :) It’s Alyah, your shop asst. manager/buyer/marketing gal/friend whatever you want to call me. Today, I’m writing to you at the top of...
A *Not So* Blue March

Hello all :) It’s Alyah, your shop asst. manager/buyer/marketing gal/friend whatever you want to call me. Today, I’m writing to you at the top of Spring. The sky is blue, filled with puffy white clouds that almost feel cartoonish, nature is blooming, and a butterfly just passed by my window. It’s beautiful here! March is always the month where Lauren, Megan, and I sit down and go "how is it already MARCH??!". Q1 is coming to a close and it feels like the year has only just begun. On the topic of “what it feels like,” I wanted to share with you some common themes we've felt at Local Nomad this month.

Feeling *not so* Blue About Spring.

We entered this month with a shop full of inventory. A lot more than we had in comparison to last year and it felt so good. You, our customers, have been stopping by more and more giving us the ability to keep our shelves full and fresh. We thank you endlessly :’). The shop has been transitioning into Spring with new clothing, colors, and scents. Lauren’s recent obsession with Cornflower Blue has quickly influenced the shop and well, us too. If you’ve been in the shop this past month, you’ve probably noticed. “It’s just the best color!” - Lauren says. She always knows. 

What playlist is this?

Every so often we get asked what playlist we are listening to in the shop. Now, it’s never the same as we leave that option open to whichever shop gal is working that day. However, Spotify recently released personalized playlists called “Daylists'' where they make a playlist a few times a day based on your listening history. The playlist names can be quite interesting – yearning Sunday morning, tender dreamscape Wednesday afternoon , lounging Ethiopian jazz Thursday evening, the list goes on. We’ve found humor in the thought of replying with a name like the above when asked what we’re listening to at the shop.

Girlfriend Socks and Garden Clogs.

If you’ve followed our shop for a while now, you’d know about our slight obsession with Le Bon Shoppe. We all have multiple pairs and wear them almost every day. Recently, the Girlfriend Socks have been a top seller as LBS recently came out with new colors. Us shop girls have found ourselves continuously showing up to work in very similar ways of styling LBS. Pictured above, you can see Lora and I unknowingly came to work wearing the same shoes paired with Girlfriend socks. This isn’t an uncommon experience at LoNo.


Re-focusing rather. I personally had a slow start to the new year. Finding it hard to focus on everyday tasks and be active. I found myself nesting more and having the desire to do absolutely *nothing*. In an effort to be more gentle on myself this year, I tried to remind myself that it’s okay to retreat a bit. During late winter it’s only natural for any living thing to enter a period of dormancy. I chose to welcome the rest and slowness. With the arrival of Spring, I have felt my mind and body bloom. The sun is shining and new growth reveals itself to me everywhere I turn. It’s crazy how nature works! I am oh-so grateful. 

Thanks for being here <3

See you soon!

Your shop girl,