Celebrating HER in April

We ended last month welcoming Spring and all the new growth that comes with it. April was spent basking in the sunshine and fresh blooms....
Celebrating HER in April

We ended last month welcoming Spring and all the new growth that comes with it. April was spent basking in the sunshine and fresh blooms. In Phoenix, Spring quickly feels like summer with temps rising faster and faster each year. Today, I’m writing to you on April 22 – earth day and the high for today is 99°F. The irony is loud. It’s like our earth is screaming, Hey! Notice me! There’s a lot to say on that topic but we’ll leave it with a simple reminder to do what you can to take care of our Mother Earth.

In our Hosting Era

We hosted two big events at the shop this month, so naturally time flew by with all the behind the scenes planning. We have a segment of customers called our LoNo loyalists (you know who you are ;-)) that are considered, well, our most loyal customers. We plan shopping events with them a couple times a year and hosted our first of the year on April 10th. We offered 20% off, a goodie bag, and invited our friends at Monsoon Market to serve drinks and snacks. Basically, best night ever. We had an amazing turnout and loved seeing all your familiar faces in a 1.5 hour span.


In honor of Earth Day, we hosted another LoNo Loop. LoNo Loop is a weekend of secondhand shopping where we invite our staff as well as a handful of customers to bring in their pre-loved clothing for a chance at a second life. All weekend long, we keep racks out front for you to shop secondhand and for a great deal. It’s one of my favorite events we host as I, personally, buy mostly secondhand.

Fruits Of Our Labor (Well, Lauren's)

Lauren has successfully managed a beautiful and fruitful garden in her backyard. With all the fresh growth, we went out to forage our lunch during a weekly buying meeting. We picked lettuce, arugula, chives, and dill to make a big yummy salad. Lauren had already prepped a green salad dressing, pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, radishes, shallots, and avocados. It was a top tier salad and the process of making it made it even tastier. Thank you to Lauren for nourishing us. 

You Deserve All The Cakes

April brings Taurus season and Taurus season brings our dear Megan's birthday right at the start. Megan genuinely keeps this business afloat and we are endlessly grateful to know her and love her. We celebrated Megan over coffee (shoutout Harlem Coffee), cake, and Pane Bianco. I made a cardamom cake with maple buttercream for Megan - her favorite flavor combo she says! Once again, enjoying the fruits of our labor feels all the more satisfying and quite delicious.

Pig Girl Summer

After learning about Megan's lifelong love for pigs, this month’s hyper fixation became just that when we discovered the ‘Good Luck Pig’. These little 3-legged chanchitos are made with clay dug from the mountainside near the village of Pomaire, Chile. These are traditionally given to friends as tokens of love and good fortune. “Truly Captivating” is how one of our customers coined it as she picked a pig for a friend. These tokens of good fortune have brought many smiles to us as well as our customers this month.

April has quickly wrapped up and we end this month once again, grateful to be here.

Talk soon!

Your shop girl,