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In Solidarity.

In Solidarity.

At Local Nomad we are committed to doing anti-racist work to help dismantle and uproot the systemic racism that has been plaguing our country for over 400 years. I’ve spent this past week listening. Listening to voices in the Black community, examining my own white privilege, educating myself and figuring out how to use my privilege to help. As a tiny but mighty company, my team and I vow to continue to listen to and amplify Black voices, to make the intentional choice to learn from what we hear, and to take action to make change. We understand it is an incredible privilege to be educating ourselves on racism instead of having to experience racism our entire lives, which is why we are compelled and called to use our privilege to be the change we wish to see in the world. See below for our action plan moving forward. Learning as we go, we will take time at the beginning of 2021 to hindsight and revise our plan of how we will continue to fight against systemic racism. We are open to feedback, suggestions and ideas and we encourage you to share with us as we embark upon this journey. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and we are prepared to engage in this activism over the course of our lifetime because without justice there will be no peace.
With love and hope,


Art by Kenesha Sneed of Tactile Matter.

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