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The Wanderer

Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson

Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson
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We recently had a chance to chat with one of our ultimate interior inspirations, Tish Carlson, of No Longer Wander + Matt and Tish Photography about her gorgeous home in New Mexico. Tish and her family have lived in their space for 6 years and have since renovated the entire home, while still maintaining its original 50's charm.

Where do you draw your interior styling inspiration from?
I am really inspired by the Mid Century era, other shops, even Pinterest can inspire. I am inspired by other creatives and being a traveling photographer I am exposed to so much creativity and beauty. I struggle between being minimal and hoarding all things pretty. Thrifting is a big part of my design. I can’t resist a good deal on a Mid Century piece. I want a space to be inviting yet inspiring. Friends share that I design a space that is magazine worthy yet they feel they can kick up their feet on the coffee table and know its okay. My dad says he isn’t sure how he has a daughter who has a hippie side to her but I think that is the element that causes me to really want people to feel comfortable. I personally hate when I feel I can’t settle in to a home or a space. I love imperfection but also live for good design. I am inspired by modern mid century, mix of texture. organic elements, white walls, clean lines, good thrift finds, inviting spaces, dreamy light to flow into a space and really I just want the spaces I help design to be used as a place to show peoples personalities. My home is a space that both Matt and I love. Our kids have opinions about what we do and how we style our space and I really love that at their young age their eyes are being trained to see good design. Each have thoughts, opinions and ideas all at different times and when they speak them my heart melts!!! 
 Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson

What is your favorite element of your space?

A love for plants has really become a huge part of our home. It’s a great way to add life, color and texture to each room! I also haven’t loved every space in our home but as I continue to style and really stick to that style each room has become a place I love more and more. I have learned I can get distracted by different styles but as I really hone into what I love most, ya know the style that lights up your heart, I see my space really coming together. I really love that we took an old 50’s home and modernized it yet kept some original charm. We continue to update the house and we continue to dream. Lately we are dreaming of buying land and designing our own house! This is the ultimate dream which I hope to make a reality soon!
Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson
Do you have any DIY projects in your space that you are particularly proud of?
Together Matt and I have taken an old beat up 50’s house and turned it into a modern and comfortable home! We have renovated bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, an office and so on. We updated and continue to update the exterior. So the house itself is a big deal to us! Along with refinishing Mid Century finds, Matt building tables and so on! We are always creating!
Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson
What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in your space?
The biggest challenge for me is that our kitchen has no natural light that floods in nor our front living room. Not having natural light in a space really bums me out to be honest. With eyes that have been trained to see light as a photographer, not having light flood into a room seems wrong to me! (The house we might build would have light flooding into every space!)
Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson
If you could offer some interior styling advice, what would it be?
I would say to really hone in on what you love. You may be distracted by many other styles but I would try to stick to what you love. Admire others' styles and add what feels right but you want to love your space and you want it to feel like you, so honing in on what you love and making it happen will bring the most joy! Bring in your personality!
Interior Inspiration / Tish Carlson
You can find Tish on Instagram and on her blog.
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