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Introducing: LAUDE the Label

Introducing: LAUDE the Label

We are so excited to introduce our newest clothing brand, LAUDE the Label. We just love these lightweight, transitional pieces for fall and can't wait for you to live in them!

LAUDE, meaning "to honor" in Latin, is a woman owned brand that is proud to support women artisans in five countries — Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, and Peru. 

Today, 85 percent of the world’s garment workers are women. Yet they are drastically underpaid, overworked and trapped in a cycle of poverty. LAUDE the Label offers a hopeful alternative, employing and empowering women around the world with fair wages and a safe work environment.

LAUDE the Label

Carly’s vision for minimalist designs in high quality, eco-friendly materials that can be worn for years has remained central to LAUDE the Label’s design philosophy from the beginning. Each year, new efforts in environmental consciousness and new strides in holistic employment of women across the world bring LAUDE closer toward their vision of honoring the earth & maker equally to the consumer.

LAUDE the Label

LAUDE the Label believes in slow fashion and meaningful consumption. From apparel to accessories, they design timeless pieces in classic silhouettes and high quality materials. LAUDE uses upcycled or organic materials, such as cotton and linen to make their garments. Their manufacturing process is free of toxic chemicals and dyes, never using synthetic fibers, which are made from plastic and do not biodegrade even in landfills. Their pieces are specifically designed to use remnants from their own productions, reducing the amount of waste in the garment making process.

LAUDE the Label is a Certified B Corporation and member of the Fair Trade Federation, Certified B Corporations and Fair Trade Federation members are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on every worker, customer, community, supplier, and the environment.

LAUDE the Label

Want to know more? Check out LAUDE the Label's full statement HERE!

Information via LAUDE the Label's website.

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