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Donation Round Up

Donation Round Up

At the beginning of 2021 we began donating 1% of our sales to Arizona based, BIPOC-focused organizations, choosing a different organization each quarter.  
We are proud to have donated $13,638 in total over the last year and a half and will continue this practice to aid the community well into the future! 

Q1 2021 - The Rooted Doula Collective

the rooted doula collective


The Rooted Doula Collective is a collaborative community of Black doulas dedicated to offering full-spectrum doula support to Black pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people and families.

Q2 2021 - Project Roots

project roots


Project Roots nourishes and educates communities in need by promoting a healthier, natural, and more sustainable way of urban living.

Q3 2021 - Mass Liberation AZ

Mass Liberation AZ


MassLibAZ is building power to end mass incarceration and divest from the carceral system in Arizona. They are a directly-impacted people’s organization headquartered in South Phoenix with a growing membership in Black communities, as well as inside prison facilities.

Q4 2021 - The Welcome to America Project

the welcome to america project


The Welcome to America Project celebrates resettled refugees, sharing resources to accelerate faster self-sufficiency & fuller integration. They share transportation, technology and transformational resources to enhance success so that refugees can find community & flourish.

Q1 2022 - The Cihuapactli Collective

the cihuapactl collective


The Cihuapactli Collective's purpose is to provide healing for urban Indigenous Peoples from the diaspora. This is done by sharing wisdom, connecting resources, revitalizing Traditional Knowledge, promoting and advocating for health & wellness.

Q2 2022 - Desert Star Institute Family Planning

desert star institute family planning


Desert Star Institute Family Planning aims to create equitable access to reproductive health care for womb bearing people while centering Black and Indigenous people of color.

We've decided to continue donating 1% of our sales to Desert Star in Q3.

Although they are no longer able to provide abortion services due to Roe v Wade being overturned, we are proud to continue to support their work toward reproductive justice. They are now getting an influx of volunteer requests, long-acting birth control applications, and interest from the community to host events sharing information.

If you would like to donate directly, click HERE.