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Introducing: Mass Liberation AZ

Introducing: Mass Liberation AZ

Here at Local Nomad we donate 1% of our sales each quarter to an Arizona local organization centering and supporting BIPOC.

Today we are excited to introduce our chosen organization for Q3: Mass Liberation AZ.

MassLibAZ is building power to end mass incarceration and divest from the carceral system in Arizona. They are a directly-impacted people’s organization headquartered in South Phoenix with a growing membership in Black communities, as well as inside prison facilities. 

They began in 2018 and have organized town halls around the state, advanced decarceral legislation, fought (and won!) for police accountability, and educated the public on the role of prosecutors in mass incarceration.

Theory of Change from Mass Liberation AZ:

"Our approach to organizing centers Black liberation because we believe by liberating Black people, we all get free. We must reclaim the power to determine what restores us. Therefore we focus on base building, leadership development, healing and personal transformation. We believe all prisons, detention centers and jails should be abolished and we must invest in solutions that strengthen our communities."

Their approach to organizing seeks liberation through base building, mutual aid and cultural construction. Led by directly impacted people and abolitionist framework. MassLibAZ puts people before property, invests in solutions that strengthen our communities, and centers healing and personal transformation.

"We must never put people in cages."

Head to their website to learn more about who they are, their different programs, and how you can help.

If you'd like to donate directly to MassLibAZ, click here.

Jul 25, 2021

I love the idea of supporting non-profits however this one leaves me feeling conflicted. While prison reform is needed- a goal of abolishing all prisons is counter to my belief system and the social contract that I believe is critical to a just society. As a mother, I firmly believe some people should not be on our streets and allowed to perpetuate violent crimes. Therefore, I will shop next quarter.

Concerned mom

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