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Maker Highlight: Tonya from Rainbo πŸ„

Maker Highlight: Tonya from Rainbo πŸ„

Introducing: 🌈 Rainbo 🌈

We recently had the honor of getting to interview Tonya from Rainbo. Rainbo is a medicinal mushroom based line of supplements and functional foods here to educate you on the healing power of fungi.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Tonya. I'm a seeker, a curious human, an empath and a dreamer. I'm also a Holistic Nutritionist and the Founder and CEO of Rainbo. Aside from being on the journey of social entrepreneurship, I’m an educator, a plant-based cook and a yogi.

My healing journey began as a teenager and those early experiences directed my focus from a young age. I’ve been studying nutritional sciences and holistic modalities ever since and have devoted my life’s work (my calling) to helping people heal and upgrade through functional nutrition, mycotherapy and integrative lifestyle practices.

When I’m not focused on building Rainbo, you can find me in a forest foraging, hiking, or finding inspiration, creativity and energy through my practices of movement, meditation, kundalini, cooking, writing, and reading.

2. What did you do before starting your business?

I was a Holistic Nutrition practitioner, reiki healer, a plant-based personal chef (I would make healthy meals for people healing, coming out/preparing for surgery, young families, retreats etc.), I was teaching, hosting events and I also had a mini vegan-cheese business! I would sell my cheese at local farmer markets. Medicinal mushrooms wove their way into all these things too :)

3. What was your motivation behind starting Rainbo?

To get as many people as possible healthier with fungi. To inspire a connection to nature's healing magic. To turn North America into a mycophilic continent. To create the highest quality, local, sustainable mushroom products. To create a brand that leaves long and lasting positive impacts on our customers, community and planet. To forge a path for moving humanity forward in a more harmonious way and to play a role in creating the future we need.

4. How does Rainbo sustainably source mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are all grown locally here in Canada. We use up-cycled, organic, non-GMO ingredients for our substrate and we grow potent fruiting body mushrooms. We're also Climate Neutral Committed and by June we will have offset all of our 2020 emissions (what it takes to make and distribute our products).

5. What has surprised you the most about running a business?

The high highs and low lows! My entrepreneurship journey is fuelled by a roaring passion, a lot of love and has definitely been the biggest learning and growth that I've ever experienced. Never a dull moment. Challenges that build grit, test my nervous system, make me cry followed by experiences of pure flow, joy and excitement. All of it builds courage, resilience and strength. Rainbo has allowed me to hold a vision for something much larger than myself and has opened my eyes to how we can use business to create a healthier, more equitable future.

Shop Rainbo mushroom tinctures in our shop here and be sure to follow Rainbo on Instagram!