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Valentine's Day Playlist + M.A.S.H

Valentine's Day Playlist + M.A.S.H

It’s the month of looooove some would say. In honor of Valentine’s Day happening this month we put together the ultimate love mix for y’all. Some songs are happy, some maybe a little bit more sad, but every song is 100% sappy and alllll about love. So whatever mood you’re feeling on this Hallmark holiday, there is definitely a song for you :) Click below to listen on Spotify

Local Nomad Valentines Day Playlist

Who remembers M.A.S.H? You know that game you’d play as a kid where your future would be dependent on checking off a list your childhood friends wrote for you? Oh no, you’re going to live in a shack with your enemy and have 10,000 lions!!!! Ugh, so rough. Well, we thought we would bring some light-hearted childish joy this Valentines Day and create our own M.A.S.H for you to play at home! Play below or play with us over on Instagram @localnomadshop :)

local nomad mash

Happy Valentine's Day. We love you.