Baja Desert Soap

Torote Soap


Female Founded Ethically Produced Clean Ingredients Gives Back Sustainable

Handmade in at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.

Elephant Tree (Torote) - one of the best know trees along the Baja Peninusla, the name "Elephant Tree" perfectly describes this plant. It's peeling, paperlike bark gives this soap unique golden flecks suspended amongst a chaparral colored background - desert glam. (a desert favorite)

made at our home in the desert of pure olive, coconut + palm oils, well water, chaparral extract, torote colorado bark and essential oils.

all natural, biodegradable + cruelty free contains no animal products, perfumes, nor artificial colorants, all colors are derived from botanicals

* Do not leave soap standing in water!

5.5 oz size